About Us

Life Care Systems, as a company, is a market leader in Indian Healthcare industry a position that is bild of hard work, superior product performance and a commitment to customer satisfaction, and with a fifteen years experience as a part of Life Care systems is supplying the best products and services available in the field of physiotherapy.

We started back in 2000, has been established thanks to professionals of this field, who have gathered their own know-how with the aim of creating a product line symbol and result of years of experience in the field of manufacturing, design and sale of safe and reliable equipment Made in India.

The optimisation of our products is carried out by a highly expert staff in the research and development department of the company who work together with the management and production chiefs. In this way we are capable of coming up with the right products to meet the real requirements of our customers as well as maintaining leadership in the field of rehabilitation.

In order to reach our aim, we followed the guidelines of a “bottom-up” policy which basically means starting from customer requirements and transferring these directly that’s why LCS equipments satisfy the user’s need finaly.

The entire organisation is based on four main cardinal points:
  Product quality and processes
  Easy-to-use instruments
  Ergonomic components
  Attention paid to design and details
Another aspect we consider to be of vital importance is that of safety for the operator and this was obtained not only by fully adhering to the very strict rules which regulate such products by means of providing ISO certification.
  LCS takes care of and protects physiotherapists.
  LCS responds to their requirements ahead of time
  LCS improves and adds value to their performance.
  LCS is their “reliable partner”


Life Care Systems, having a wide area of approx. 222 sq. yd. The positivity of Life Care Systems includes efficient machines and advance technology. So that we can meet our goal that is Quality. Here in Life Care Systems, we uses CAD/CAM softwares, and we keep upgrading them to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness.

Our production capacity allows us to take bulk orders and execute them timely within short lead time. We are a Delhi based company and our production unit is also situated in Industrial Area, Ghaziabad. This provides us a clear advantage in terms of access to raw materials and delivery of products globally.