Interferential Therapy

For long, physicalrehabilitation has been used to help cure muscular pain and cramps and also provide relief from chronic pain. However, it does not have a very good success rate. Also, there are patients who cannot afford physical rehabilitation because of many physical restrictions. Hence, an alternative was needed. We are a company specialized in interferential therapy and related equipment manufacturing. Interferential therapy is a type of physical rehabilitation with much higher success rates and anyone regardless of their age and gender can receive this therapy. We provide such service at an affordable price also.

Interferential therapy is given by us to our patients using analogue electrical pulses. These electrical pulses are given in a certain manner so that they relax nerves and the related muscles. The remedy has the same results as that of conventional physiotherapy. However, it has much more advantages over disadvantages. We provide this method of treatment not only because it is a faster method to get relief from stress and pain, but it is also much safer. In interferential therapy, large nerve fibres are stimulated to get relief from muscular spams and pain; it helps increase the blood flow and also rejuvenates the tissues.

The interferential therapy has multiple applications. These are used before and after orthopaedic surgeries for faster recoveries, they are used to treat joint injury and related issues with joints, they are also known to treat disorders related to different trauma. They help improve the circulations and controls pain of various origins, like lumbar, cervical and dorsal regions. Our newer equipment is now computerized and hence more efficient.

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